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Bible Verses in Great Full Meaning

The reason why Jesus wept and taken as the most concise Bible verse. The pain of Martha the sister to Lazarus of losing her brother touched Jesus. Bible verses in great full meaning. He cried with those who could be moaning, enjoy with those who had joy and bear burdens of those who could be burdened.

Jesus knew the same place of death was awaiting and it was also disturbing to him. The other thing is that Jesus used to take the emotion of the people who were around him. He moaned with those who could be crying, enjoy with those who had joy and take burdens of those who could be burdened.

The death of Jesus verses and the lessons are well described in given chapters at the end of the this paragraph. From this verse, Jesus noticed the reason of been alone away from his Father for the will of God to happen. This verses of the death of Christ was to show God’s sovereignty. This means there was no way God could save His son because he wanted him to die for the world. The payment of sin with product is the best weapon against your enemy according to lesson from verses learnt from the death if Jesus. This verses also show the dark human part of life. Mathew 27 is the chapter holding the verses of all these lessons.

The next encouraging verses are those which prof the resurrection of Christ and the promised life after death. This verses explain the body in paradise that will be of everlasting period. This is the body that is valued in the next life that every believer will be enjoying in paradise. The Explanation of the paradise life is in this verses. He promised to those who witnessed his resurrection that he is rising to go in His Father’s place to prepare a place for all believers.He promised a home to every person who will follow his commands after believing in Him. The above information are located in the book of Mathew chapter 28 in different verses. The deeper verses are also found in the book of Mark chapter 16.

All works of darkness comes from the evil ones who devil is the leader and organizer of the world patterns. The verses that proves the devil and his people being a murder and a thief also tells us he destroy after use. The life of evil ones will be stilling ,distracting and destroying after use in their own benefits. Devil will not produce product from his own knowledge but he will kidnap God’s good creation to use in his evil works of destruction. He will always show human easy ways of getting what they can ‘not manage before he destroy them. The life of many will be in trouble when devil will be wanting his pay back and that’s where many lose all they have or even life. The book of John 10 will explain in deep about this devils work of darkness. Do not trap in darkness of evil.

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