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All About Weddings

A wedding is day that most couples look forward to from the first time they meet. This is day that the two are meant to take their vows in front of witnesses and make their marriage legal. It is day that not only the couple but all who are around them look forward to. This is a significant day in the brides and grooms life even though it is a one day affair.

The start of the wedding is when the decision has been reached on having it and all parties involved have been informed about these decision. Wedding committee or a wedding planner is hired to make the day’s event come to reality. They are the ones who organize everything from food ,to seating arrangement, to floral arrangements of the day. The priest is selected who will be the main person to join the two and give them a day.Wedding cards are made and invitations are sent to the guest. The guest that are invited to the wedding are given the invitation cards.

The cards are designed in the best way possible for they are the first impression on the guest about what will be the theme of this day.A wedding theme is chosen by the couple but most especially by the bride. The theme that is picked for these day will influence everything from the color scheme to the color of the cake.The wedding that the couple chooses can be a destination one, a country wedding a wedding that is celebrated along the beach a wedding that is done on a garden and many more other ventures. The venue for the ceremonies is what will be a determinant in categorizing the wedding.

Attire is chosen for the bridal parties. We look forward to seeing a bride walk down the aisle on that day. They spend a lot of money on the gown that the bride will wear on that day.They can be made locally or can be shipped from oversees. The planner concentrates on giving the couple everything that they ask for on their wedding. Transportation made is taken care of that will be used for ferrying all that attend that wedding.

All the service providers are ready to offer services on the day like serve food, have the flowers arranged to perfection.Fortunes are spent on cakes for they are the highlights of the reception. The day is crowned with people making merry like dancing and having an evening reception. Marriage is more important than the wedding day.Some couples concentrate on having a colorful day and forget there is life after that day. They should not use up all for they have for one day and forget that there is life after the wedding day.

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