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Effective Means of Handling an Employee Complaint Concerning a Particular Allegation.

Employees are faced with a difficult tasks of having to deal amicably to different forms of allegations that may be brought before the employer. Unwillingness of the accused to refuse to admit an allegation will make it difficult for the employee to affirm the allegation making the process stressful. As an employer, you will need to deal with the allegations properly to avoid the risk of protracted legal proceedings and unfair dismissal claims. In case of an allegation made against your favourite employee, make sure to deal with the matter fairly and not support one party. As an employee to deal with an allegation swiftly, below tips will be useful to consider.

It is best to carry out a formal inquiry into the complaint to establish the truth of the allegation before taking any measures. You can start obtaining the different accounts of the incident from both parties. Ask for records such as attendance records and schedules from the employees at the time the allegations were made to obtain relevant information as to whether there was a possibility of an allegation arising. Assure the employee accused that a fair and just investigation will be carried out on their behalf as well as the accuser. You may hire a private consulting agency at a fee to offer investigating services at your workplace over the frequent allegations being made.

To ensure fair treatment of the complaint, use the procedures set by the organisation to attend and solve any complaints that may arise between the employees. From the findings of the investigations, you can now determine if the evidence is enough to prove form of allegation as was reported. To ensure the team conducts a clean investigation free from interference, you may dismiss the two employees for the period of investigation after collecting their accounts regarding the incident.

Don’t be quick to dismiss culprits or suspend an employee for a period of time as the consequence of the allegation since some may have server punishment under the national law. With the facts, you can make the best decision on the right course of action to take if you find out that indeed an allegation was committed. Don’t be quick to remove the employ from employment, but consider if its a minor allegation that you can just suspend the employee for a few weeks or be fined. For employees with a high rank, engage the managing board to provide the best disciplinary actions to take.

Sexual harassment and discrimination allegations are likely to polarize the workplace causing workers to side with either the complaining or accused employee. You may damage the reputation of an accused of having committed sexual harassment when you leak the complaint to other employees and the final facts after investigations don’t find the employee guilty.

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