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Drug Screening Tests and Their Shortfalls

In our society today, drug screening is not a new or rare thing.This increase has been occasioned by several causes. The cost of these tests is far less cheaper than in the past. In normal circumstances, all that is required is merely a urine dipstick. There are also confirmatory tests that are also available. This are on the contrary more complex. Screening is also increased due to the fact that employers deem it more appropriate to screen for drug addiction prior to hiring.Employers strive to have a drug free environment.

There is an increased frequency of use of drug screening in the medical environment. There is an unavoidable demand for screening anytime there is an emergency presentation of trauma. Those who bear the brunt for this are teenagers and adolescents. Medical practitioners who are treating patients also order drug screening. Drug screening at home or school is not encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The national drug testing is their preferred choice.They see any home or school drug screening as a threat to parent-child and teacher-child relationships rather than usefulness in obtaining useful information for drug intervention.

Drug screening has been known to be a useful tool by law enforcement officers. After an accident, this is a common practice. Such efforts seek to see if the driver was drug while driving.

Academic and professional sports also conduct drug screening. Doping cases are getting prevalent by the day. The use of stimulants today is high.In the Olympic games, this is done on every participant and every winner.

Drug screening is common in the insurance industry. Insurance companies highly value drug screening before they admit liability. The calculation of risks in the industry also relies heavily on drug screening. Drug abusers pose a greater risk to insurance companies.

Drug screening is sourced from the hair, saliva, sweat, the blood and also the urine.Among all these, urine is the most preferred.

It is known the number of hours that any drug can be detected from a urine test. The least time is two hours to eight days which is dictated by the type of drug itself. Many drug abuser are not able to beat the drug screening for they present themselves for screening when the drug is still in the bloodstream. The hours a particular drug takes in the body is of utmost importance to beat a drug screening. The commercial products meant to confuse the results are not accurate.

It is safer not to use drugs when one plans to present themselves for screening in search of employment.That is the only sure way of staying safe. Best jobs are given to non-drug abusers.

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