A Food Safety Christmas Quiz

So, to be able to assistance to reassure yourself that you’re well and truly to grips with probably the most information, we’ve devised a well known fact or fiction test.

True or False Questions…

Question 1 – True or False “While it’s wise to follow along with HACCP Concepts, really small catering companies including mobile catering vans can opt-from getting a complete documented Food Safety Management System.”

Question 2 – True or False “The only real definite method to kill all bacteria would be to prepare a product above 75 levels for just two minutes, or frost nova a product below -10 levels.”

Question 3 – True or False “You’ll need a special licence/permission to utilize a Wooden chopping board.”

Question 4 – True or False “Daycare nurseries & care homes have no coverage by food safety law because they do not really sell the meals, it’s distributed included in a broader offering.”

Question 5 – True or False “You may be fined as much as £5,000 for any serious or persistent food hygiene failure inside your business.”

Question 6 – True or False “Metal is among the less popular reasons for food poisoning.”

Question 7 – True or False “You have to stop or remove many of these four factors to prevent the development of bacteria: Food, Moisture, Warmth or Time.”

Question 8 – True or False “Observing high standards of private hygiene is one thing that’s needed by food hygiene laws and regulations.”

Question 9 – True or False “It’s illegal to put on Jewellery when handling food inside a professional capacity.”

Question 10 – True or False “A company doesn’t have to become registered using the local enforcement authority (EHO) if it is maximum capacity is 15 people or below.”

True or False Solutions…

Answer 1 – False. It does not matter how small your company, still it requires a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) that comes with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts. You may be visited by an Ecological Health Officer (EHO) anywhere, yes the hamburger van around the vehicle boot purchase. And when the body isn’t current, you are likely to be in danger.

Answer 2 – False. While so 75 levels for just two minutes may be the correct guideline to cook, this can still not kill ALL bacteria, it’ll just reduce it to some safe level. Similarly, freezing does not kill all bacteria it simply slows its growth.

Answer 3 – True. Colour coded chopping boards are suggested. Wood are only able to be utilized for any “butchers block” and you may need a special licence.

Answer 4 – False. Whether or not you are selling the meals or passing on away, exactly the same Food Hygiene legislation applies. It’s as easy as that.

Answer 5 – False. Really, the fines could be much greater than this. Staff who breach food hygiene laws and regulations will get a £5,000 fine along with a 180 day prison sentence, whereas supervisors/proprietors could be fined £20,000 and as much as 24 months imprisonment. In extremely serious cases fines have exceeded £1million.

Answer 6 – True. Metals made available to food from unacceptable metal containers or pipes may cause poisoning. Other harmful substances for example arsenic, lead or mercury may also be drawn in via foods which have been contaminated or sprayed with preservatives and never correctly cleansed before ingestion.

Answer 7 – False. It is actually easy to steer clear of the development of bacteria just by stopping these factors.

Answer 8 – True. This falls underneath the legal term ‘Due Diligence’ meaning taking all reasonable safeguards to make sure meals are safe. Quite simply, you have carried out everything it is possible to to guarantee the food you serve is protected.

Answer 9 – False. It is best to prevent putting on jewellery and watches while being employed as bacteria can survive watch straps, bracelets and rings and there’s some risk of products falling into food. Some companies still allow staff to put on an ordinary wedding band and sleeper earrings however it depends upon an employer’s policy.

Answer 10 – False. Registering using the local enforcement authority may be the employer’s responsibility also it should always be stuck to whatever the size the establishment.

How have you score?

How have you score within the above test? The thing is that what’s great for the client will work for the company. What exactly made, if adopted, will really strengthen your business run more proficiently and can safeguard your status.

Every effective business reviews any problems and adapts to changes facing it. Analysis and evolution are essential to remain ahead in the realm of catering and hospitality. So go ahead and have a glance over your shoulder, list the ups and downs and also have a good take a look at in which you excelled, in which you tucked up where you want to be. Set goals and plan in advance. It’s the beginning of an answer!