Unusual Coffee Drink Recipes

All of us enjoy the most popular espresso, latte or cappuccino and also the choice and quality has improved greatly through the years, what about trying something a little different?

To make your personal unusual niche coffee drinks in order to produce them inside your catering establishment you may need a couple of extra ingredients.

Additionally for your pinto beans, sugars, milk and chocolate dustings that are utilized to make most traditional coffee drinks you will have to buy a way to obtain cherries, almonds, hazelnuts, whipped cream and ground cinnamon. These can most likely suffice for many recipes not to mention not every one is needed for each recipe.

The ultimate ingredients needed however, are flavoured syrups. These special syrup flavorings can be found from good coffee retailers or could be purchased on the internet easily enough. Should you run your personal establishment your usual coffee supplier will most likely stock these products and may deliver all of them with your usual coffee order.

There are many makes of flavored syrups available based on which country you’re from, but my particular favorite would be the 1883 de Philibert Routin brand from France. The most typical flavoured syrups are vanilla, chocolate, amaretto, cinnamon, caramel, Irish Cream and hazelnut, but some exotic and weird flavors are for sale to more elaborate recipes.

Why don’t you begin with a few flavors and increase your collection as you become to understand and experience various recipes.

There are lots of recipes freely available online which you’ll check out in addition to experimenting and possibly designing your own!

To help you get began here is a couple you might want to check out.

We assume you’ve you have espresso maker with steam wand and understand steaming and foaming milk.



16 ml chocolate syrup

16 ml vanilla syrup

1 shot of espresso

6 oz (180 ml) cold milk

Whipped cream

Cacao powder


Mix together the 2 syrups and also the milk inside a jug. Steam foam the mix. Pour the espresso right into a 12 oz (250 ml) glass, and add some steamed milk mixture. Add whipped cream to the peak and garnish having a sprinkle of cacao powder.

Bistro de Paris


8 ml hazelnut syrup

Double shot of espresso coffee

Whipped cream

Shaved hazelnut


Right into a 6 oz (180 ml) add some hazelnut syrup. Give a double shot of espresso and stir. Top with whipped cream and garnish with shaved hazelnut.

Try making these in your own home for any scrumptious change or providing them at the own catering establishment as a substitute – you might be amazed at how popular they’ll become.